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Author Topic: 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO™ Street Glide with Tour Pak and Rear Speakers  (Read 3246 times)

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Who has added a tour pak and rear speakers to their ride.  I am in the process of doing this and was wondering who else out there is as crazy as I am.... When done, I will post pictures and a "story".  That means that I have 10 speakers total.... sounds pretty good, but of course it could be much better.... right? 

I have made my tour pak removeable, added all of the lights (LED), the rack, with lights too and  included the turn signal option, which is really cool.

I am presently considering what to do with the amp, and Harley's 1 ohm speakers....Speakers that are in the rear pods are HD's 2 ohm speakers and they work...

I am considering J&M's 250w and 500w amp's and/or just looking at speaker upgrades... any and all comments are welcomed.

It would be really cool if John from JM would comment on his recommendations for this set up...

shenengr :coolblue:


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Re: 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO™ Street Glide with Tour Pak and Rear Speakers
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2011, 04:56:16 PM »

I have a 2011 with rear pods. I was originally going to go with 2 of the new Rockford PBR300/4 amps but the dealys in shipping it has forced my hand to do an interim solution. So now it will be an Arc 125.2 up front, then it will be moved to the rear pods when the Rockford becomes available.

Wirh an SESG2, you'll have a challenge dealing with the factory speakers and wiring no matter what route you go.

Goog luck with your project.
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Re: 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO™ Street Glide with Tour Pak and Rear Speakers
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2011, 05:08:18 AM »

Thanks for your input... it is really appreciated. :2vrolijk_21:


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Re: 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO™ Street Glide with Tour Pak and Rear Speakers
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2011, 01:22:05 PM »

shennangr ,,,,,,

I assume you are counting the Harley speakers in the front of you 2011 CVO StreetGlide as the 9th and 10th speakers for the system ? ,,,,, if so, let's put those aside for a moment ,,,,,,,,

what "I" would do if it were my bike ,,, is to first remove the Harley's 4 main speakers and amplifier, (((leave the fairing mounted tweeters where they are)))) ,,,,,

then install the J&M 7.25" ROKKER series UPPER fairing speaker kit and 7.25” LOWER fairing speaker kit ,,,,,,,

then install the J&M 7.25" ROKKER equipped saddlebag lids from a company called Rock-n-Tops in TX ,,,,, Andy Ditterline is the man's name ,,,,,,

then get your Harley HK radio flashed to enable the front/rear fader control inside the radio ,,,,,

then install the Harley rear speaker pods on your tail trunk with the J&M ROKKER series 5.25" speakers into them ,,,,,,, along with the HARLEY rear speaker wiring harness plugged into the HK radio and run back into the rear speaker boxes ,,,,

then install J&M's 500w 4 channel amp in the fairing, with the wiring harness for the 2006-2011 model Ultra, J&M part#JAMP-500HC06-UL ,,,,,,

then use J&M in-series wiring kit #HLRK-7252-ISCH to wire the upper and lower J&M fairing speakers in series from the amplifier’s left and right front channel speaker wires ,,,,

then you will have to do your own in series wiring harness to wire both left and right saddlebag speakers in-series together with the rear speakers in the trunk pods ,,,,,,

once you have all of that running, then you will remove the top splash cover from the J&M amplifier, and adjust all 4 gain controls on the amp about 1.5 hours on the clock face, in the clockwise direction, to compensate for the change in speaker impedance, from 2 ohms to 4 ohms, with the in-series connections front and rear ,,,,,,

then just connect the Harley tweeters in parallel, with the front speaker leads coming from the Harley HK radio BEFORE they enter the inputs of the J&M amplifier ,,,,,,

needless to say that you will be impressed when you turn it all on ,,,,,,,


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Re: 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO™ Street Glide with Tour Pak and Rear Speakers
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2011, 09:10:23 PM »

I'm not doing all of that BUT your writeup is.......DAMNED IMPRESSIVE!!

It's real nice of you to take the time to do a "How To Do It" from your J&M professional experience.




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Re: 2011 FLHXSE2 CVO™ Street Glide with Tour Pak and Rear Speakers
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2011, 09:44:57 AM »


Thanks so much for your writeup... and I am sorry that it is taking me this long to reply, but my work, I am afraid dictates my time.

Let me tell you, in a little more detail what I have done, and now having a better understanding what can be done.... and would like to do....

I have installed XM along with the NUOH interconnect harness and have "pinned out" the necessary wiring for the rear tour pak pod speakers.

I have run the HD harness from the fairing to the tour pak and have the pods "in hand", I have just not yet mounted them on my pak (lack of time again).  I am also going to install HD's bass extender for the pod's, unless you or those out there recommend against it.

I have had my HD HK unit reflashed and presently have the "4 speaker and fader" functions on my radio... it works...

NOW this is what I am thinking ..... Maybe in this order and all because of to cash flow on my part....

Install the 7.5" Rokker speakers in the Upper and Lower fairings....

Regarding the Lower fairings, I want those speakers to use HD's mounting and speaker faces.... I like the painting and the look of the lowers and I really do not want to visit my painter.

So I am looking for suggestions for the lower fairings.... 6.25" Rokkers???   7.25" Rokkers??   ?????  Help

Install the 5.25" Rokker speakers in the tour pak pods.....

I am not going to do the saddlebag speakers.... just don't like the looks .....

If I wait on the amp... what impedance speakers will I need/get from J&M?  2 or 4 ohms? ... 2 ohm is certainly closer to the 1 ohm speakers that are on the bike so hopefully the amp can handle that those.... If not then I guess the amp is a higher purchase priority than I would like..... 

Remember I have XM so I will need the bracket that mounts the modules under the radio.... right?  Do you sell that bracket or is that someone else??

I intend to leave the HD Upper fairing tweeters and wire those as you recommend...

What J&M harnesses will I need???  Those that you have listed above???

Again... Thanks so much for your time and patience.... I know you are very busy, so I really think that how you reply to everyone is really great!!!



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