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Author Topic: Better Lever install  (Read 776 times)

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Better Lever install
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:56:32 PM »


Santa was nice enuff to drop one off as I couldn't justify the $$$ (think I'll keep her  ) Comes with a DVD which is the same as the instruction video on his site. After the install I can say the change is pretty dramatic! So far I only took a quick ride. Shifts were very crisp and secure. If you have any kinda mileage on your scooter, you no doubt will see the whole shifter linkage assembly shake at idle. Thats gone! The new lever is rock solid.
Now...for the install... His video is a bit vague on what you'll run into. 1st- You're gonna make a mess! Tape doesn't stick well to cold aluminum. I took a plastic bag and covered what I could. Also made a cardboard piece to wedge down where the belt drive is to make sure I couldn't nick it. Next, get a bunch of the Dremel cut off wheels. They're pretty brittle. I went through about 10 of the little buggers. I wish I had a foot switch to stop the Dremel without having to look away. Have to be very careful going in and out down there with the cut off wheel spinning. If your stock lever doesn't rotate down and you have to cut off the arm, make sure you grind down the stub as close to the base as you can and start your cut through to the shaft as far away from the pinch bolt as you can. His video shows him holding the Dremel at 90 degs to the shaft and cutting straight down. You can't hold the tool at 90 degs and the cut kinda veers off enough that with the piece separated you still can't remove the rest of the lever. If you have to make a 2nd cut, it sux to get it off. Don't ask me how I know!
All the bells and whistles. Including 6 speed, GPS and heated grips.
OK, I'm getting old. Get over it!

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