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How to fix rust line in bare metal part of front fender?

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I did a search on here and couldn't find anyone that has recently had a problem with a rust crack in the bare metal part of the front fender. I found 2 that were years ago and were fixed under warranty. I just noticed mine recently. Thought I would put a chrome fender tip on to cover it, but think it may keep spreading. Just wondering what would be the best way to fix, or at least keep it from spreading, before I cover it.
My rust crack is  1/3" long and the width that a heavy pencil mark would make. I figure it would be better to fix it, even it doesn't come out too good, then cover it with a fender tip and then have it spread past the tip.
Have any SE Fat Boy owner's gone through this yet?
Thanks for any suggestions.


No idea about a fix, but my condolences go out to ya...

buy a new one


Tom, I don't think that would fall in to the DIY category like a simple chip in the paint would, you will most likely need to seek the help of a professional painter.  If it were me, I'd look for someone who does custom paint jobs rather than someone who only knows prime/base/clear repairs.  The tricky part of this one will be getting the "grind" matched close enough to not stand out after it's shot with clear.  The best advice I can offer is to first get a price from the dealer for a new fender, then get some quotes from some qualified painters.  If you can find a pro who has some slack time in his schedule, he may be willing to negotiate a good price for a spot repair.

Your thoughts about just covering it with a tip are right on the money; the odds are that this will continue to spread.  Even if the tip idea is OK with you, you still need to stop the corrosion from spreading first.


Thanks for the response.
I would think that there are quite a few SE Fat Boy owner's that have had this problem and came up with various fixes, but the odds of them reading this forum are fairly slim.
I will have to check with my local dealer for the price of a new SE painted front fender and also one of the dealers that sell for 20% off through the Internet. When I find out how much an SE painted fender costs, I will probably try and fix it myself or have it fixed.
The crack is only .3" long, so it is not that noticeable yet.
I 'm going to put some acrylic, top coat, nail polish on it, to see if that keeps it from spreading.


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