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A couple of years ago Harley sold FXRG boots. They were guaranteed against leaking. I am trying to find out the warranty as I have a pair that are like new and now leak. I really remember a lifetime warranty on FXRG boots but HD says no, it's one year. While I know that what is on the HD website (the one year, for Jackets etc...) for the other stuff I cannot find info on the boots since they are no longer sold.

I've got a couple pair of FXRG boots. Both have been sent off and completely resoled with new footbeds over the years. They both had one year warranty on leaking. Gore-Tex membrane wears with movement and will begin to leak over time. Neither pair of mine leak but I wouldn't be suprised if they did. One pair are  just over 12 years old but with new soles and restored leather look like new.

I have a pair of FXRG 3's that I bought new and I don't remember anything about a lifetime warranty. They are the best riding boot that I have ever owned. I've had them for at least 8-10 years and they are still in great shape. The zipper pulls broke off years ago and I use a small key ring from a key fob and a leather tether for the pull now and I do baby the zipper itself as it seams to be the only weak point on these amazing boots. Although mine do show a little normal wear, I thought about picking up another pair when I saw them being closed out and decided that I will never need them.

They were made for Harley by Wolverine if that does anything for you.

I've got an old pair also.  I have no recollection of any lifetime warranty and I'm decent about documenting such things.  As mentioned above mine are great.  I don't wear boots all the time (even though I should) when riding but when I do these are all I use.  Great for riding, walking, etc; even with old flat feet.

  I have a pair that I bought just before they were discontinued, I have only worn them 3 maybe 4 times and found them comfortable but extremely heavy for walking. There in great shape & looking for a new home all for the cost of shipping. Not trying to JACK this thread so PM me if interested in more info or pics.


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