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Screamin' Al:
Bought this bag last week and I hope you guys can answer a query I can't get any sense from this side of the pond.

The sales image shows that there is Molle attachment on the rear of the bag. Can't find it anywhere. Dealership and H-D UK have NO clue whatsoever!

So, is it meant to be there? A typo perhaps? or Was meant to be there but deleted?


Screamin' Al:
my bag...

I think the answer is on the back side of the bag above the hold down straps.
Think of the Molle system as a hook and loop / velcro system.
Pull the right to left strap to secure an accessory item.

Screamin' Al:
Thanks Joel, but I'm not sure about that. The three Velcro straps are, I understand, to allow the bag to be installed on sissy bars of various heights.

I regard Molle to be a length of webbing attached with vertical stitching at intervals making loops through which a strap can be passed. A good example is the Saddlemen Tachtical Bag range.

Anyway whatever......I aint got any

there's no Molle system....look at that review:

the guy is also searching for it, but didn't found :o


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