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Has anyone been chatting with the pool boy yet? 

Any idea of what the CVO models will be for 2024?

Is the CVO Limited coming back?

Is a CVO Heritage finally here?

Possibly a price drop to help move them out???  One can only hope.

Just wondering.

I have only heard one utterance, but it was about a super shiny dirt bike.... so far, nothing to substantiate it....

SCUSE (ServiCar Utility Sreamin' Eagle).  Y'all just wait and see.  It's going to be awesome.


Well if there is a CVO Pan America Special, I wonder if it just comes with the extras like the painers and top case?  Will it have fancy paint and such and be more road oriented?  Sure wouldn't want to take one with a fancier paint job off road.  In know I have dropped mine more than once.


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