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131 running on 1 cylinder when in motion

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Hi all, I have a 19 street glide special with a 131 and ever since I had the engine done, it will drop down to 1 cylinder and stay like that until I get going, sometimes to 2nd or 3rd gear (or get the engine up to 3K). This only happens after sitting at a red light for more that a minute and the bike is hot. Ambient temp does not make a difference as I live in Canada and ride in a lot of cold weather.   Quick history, Harley installed the stage 4, gave it back without mapping it, took it back for the map and my buddies 17 SG with the 107 and stage 1 could keep up with me. I took it to a bike builder and it dyno'ed at 93 HP ( not what I paid 10K for). After tuning, 118 HP and 134 torque I had a bigger cam, rockers and lifters installed as well as an upgraded compensator and clutch pack. New dyno shows 130 HP and 140 torque. I also had them remove the governor and rev limiter and turn off the (EITMS) and it still does it. The dealer told me they can replicate the problem and the other bike shop cant figure it out either.
Anybody else ever hear of this happening or know what it could be?
Oh ya, Im new on hear and read a ton of good posts but did not see anyone with the same issues.Thanks

My guess is the parade mode is being activated when the motor is hot.  You should be able to twist the throttle at idle and it will turn it off and the cylinder will fire. 

One of the tuners should be able to confirm and if that’s it, turn it off permanently.

Good luck

They told me its been deleted and I have no codes but that seems like whats happening but, the fact that it stays on after the clutch is released and while trying to accelerate   ( up to 2nd or 3rd gear sometimes ) before both cylinders engage has everyone confused. I have almost 20k into this motor now between parts, labor and dyno time only to burp and sputter off the line while everyone else jets off on the green light. Like I said, it only happens at long lights. Stop and go, no issues??

Suggestion:  Go to your user manual and look up the correct process to enable/disable parade mode to be sure you are doing it correctly.

If it still doesn’t work, a service advisor at the dealership can help or get someone who can. 


I believe that at idle rotate the throttle past stop , forward, and the cruise light will change color, red = off / deactivated and green = on / activated


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