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What did you do to or on your CVO today?

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Like the title says, what did you do to or on your CVO today?

Got the recall taken care off, rode in snow flurries

I ride two up from time to time, so I put on the sissy bar to see what it looks like.  I hope to try it out over the weekend.
I don't think the sissy bar looks bad, I just won't keep it on unless we are riding 2 up or need to carry luggage on the passenger pillion.

 Used Autosol all over the exposed chrome while the bike is still somewhat apart. Lots of calcified water spots in those hard to reach arias. Now all the nooks and crannies are glowing like brand new.

working on a couple of projects
 1st one is new exhaust system
 2nd for now I will keep this under my hat ....hint: convertible owners will like this option


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