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 on: Today at 08:03:18 AM 
Started by GMR-PERFORMANCE - Last post by FLSTFI Dave
Does the clutch engagement feel any different (earlier/later) with the AIM? This part of my earlier question is my main concern.

On my 2011 with the addition of the AIM the engagement point moved out all the way to the end of the lever movement which absolutely sucked. I'm wondering how it is with the new AIM slide system and the new bikes.

Sorry to jack the thread.
I answered that in the very first sentence of my reply to your question.  It does not change when the clutch engages, pretty much same as stock.

 on: Today at 07:54:06 AM 
Started by Jock - Last post by 110 Mofo
Happy Birthday Mikeytee  :drink:

 on: Today at 07:42:24 AM 
Started by Unbalanced - Last post by Haird
70 factory Hemi-Cuda I owned. Raced it in SS/DA, 1970 - 1972. Direct Connection parts book parts, .590 Isky Torqemaster Cam, Edelbrock "Rat Roaster" intake manifold, 2 modified AFB 4 bbl. carbs, JR. Headers, Vitar modified 727 Torque Flite trans. with Hurst line lock. Flexolite fan, 513 rear gears, with homemade pinion snubber. Firestone yellow dot 2 11" slicks, and a Milodon aluminum oil pan with a hole in the sump for the steering drag link
Car ran 10.70's, 125, on an 11.05, 121 mph record. Qualified # 5 out of 46 cars Indy Nat'ls 1971. I also drove the "Hurst Gasser Passer" Prefect BB/A at that race.
I sold the car for $5500.00 in 72.

I'm guessing at the time that was a good idea...still feel that way today, John?

I'm still pining over my 1962 Corvair convertible and that was 37 years ago.  Obviously not a Dodge with a Hemi but still it's the one I regret to this day selling.

 on: Today at 07:28:30 AM 
Started by Unbalanced - Last post by muddypaws
What's the new one cost?

 on: Today at 07:18:51 AM 
Started by Yellow09SERG - Last post by YELLOWBIRD
Most definitely the fastest

YEP, what he said.

And only 369 produced for the US market!!!


 on: Today at 05:49:51 AM 
Started by laylonlor - Last post by cvo1717
I should have asked earlier, did that sundowner feel better than the stock seat?
yes I like it better

 on: Yesterday at 08:59:39 PM 
Started by drgmis16 - Last post by skratch
It's possible some may have shortened lifespans, depending on how they got those extra amps.  The exterior dimensions to fit a Harley are pretty much fixed, so getting more CCA out of the same overall size package involves finding ways to add more plates.  That could entail thinner plates and separators, among other changes.  So far I haven't heard or seen reports of early failures, but the sample size of people using these is probably pretty small.  I dare say most Harley folks haven't heard of this battery yet.

got this battery from phat performance for $127 shipped.  put it in the wife's bike.  going on a year, still going strong.  wife doesn't ride as often as i do, so her bike may sit for short periods of time without being used (two weeks or so) and i don't use a tender.

 on: Yesterday at 08:23:11 PM 
Started by goop - Last post by mike jesse
I was on the PR3 web site recently and they want you to send them your old flywheels in.
What for?

 on: Yesterday at 08:15:24 PM 
Started by Yellow09SERG - Last post by ultra13
My friend has the silver one. I have the '13 CVO Ultra with the same 3 paint colors on it. Our bikes look pretty cool together. We rode to Ripley Ohio last year and stopped at a river side bar and when we walked back to the bikes there were the other 2 colors parked next to it.  We have a pic of that. Cool moment.

 on: Yesterday at 08:07:42 PM 
Started by 89fxrs - Last post by Aussie
As r0de_runr said.
You will need to Install iTunes on your computer first.

Open iTunes, click File > Add File to Library to import your music. Connect your iPod to the computer through USB cable. And then you can copy and paste the songs from the iTunes library over to the iPod device, which is supposed to show on the left side of iTunes.

You can also Google, transfer music to iPod

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