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Where have all of the deatroyers gone!

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I just bought one and wonder what happened to all of them? Exported? museums? collections? Anyone with first hand knowledge please post. I thought I would make up a map for the heck of it.  This is also posted on other boards.
Also from the serial numbers I wonder if it is possible to know the build sequence number of a certain bike?         TIMINATOR

I have one here sitting in my office, never even had fuel in it

I bought it with the intentions of putting it into the wall above my TV but haven't done anything with it yet...…. :)

I have one in the line up....

There is one on display on the showroom floor at Hales HD in Mansfield Ohio, I don't believe its for sale

There is one (brand new) for sale at Rider’s H-D in Trussville, AL.  They’ve had it on the floor for years.


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