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After getting soaked last summer on our loop down the BRP, we were rained on 2000 of 2900 miles, and had a hard time getting our gear dry each day before we be getting wet again. I stopped by the local BMW shop, which is next door to our local HD shop. They carry Klim riding gear. After visiting with the saleman I'm wondering if the Kilm gear maybe a lot better choice than my current HD gear. Does anyone have any experience with Klim gear. Do any HD shops carry it? The Latitude in Black looks intriguing. Thoughts


I don't know anything about Kilm.  Never even heard of it before.  However, I've rode back and forth across this nation several times with Gerbing eXtreme Element pants and jacket and heated boot insoles along with my Tour Master Elite II rain suit and my Nolan modular helmet and I stay completly dry and warm, no matter how cold, how many miles of driving rain, etc.

I've been riding with these two outfits for probably 12-15 years and they are both still doing the job that they're designed for.  I got both the Gerbing gear and the Tour Master Elite II rains suit at BMW dealership.

Klim gear is top notch

 I have the Klim modular helmet in carbon fiber. It is one of the if not the lightest helmets on the market and is excellent. I also have their Gore-Tex, waterproof winter gloves which are excellent. Everything I have seen by Klim is excellent.

Klim gear is some of the best you can buy. HD gear does not compare. Period. Also take a look at Rukka. Revzilla carrys both and has many videos that can help you do research before you decide to go and try some on somewhere in person.

Remember, most of HDs stuff is geared towards "image" and "lifestyle". You will get vastly superior gear buying from other vendors


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