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Time to get a modular helmet.

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One of my riding nightmares happened today.

I was northbound 101, number one lane, 60 miles south of Salinas.  Up ahead in the number two lane was an 18 wheeler.  I was already doing 70 so I ran it up to 80plus to pass him.  As I approached him on his left, one of his left tires shredded.  I watched as huge chunks of heavy steel belted rubber sailed through the air and across the freeway. I maneuvered my way around and through this hail of death.  Suddenly it felt like George Foreman punched me in the face.  All the cars around me backed off and disappeared.

I started to lose vision in my left eye.  I did not go down, and I did not black out.  I calmly rode over to the right shoulder and parked.  I looked in the right side mirror fully expecting to see my left cheek hanging off and and eyeball popped out. Luckily none of that happened.  The impact mangled my sunglasses and drove the left sunglass lens onto my eye.  The frame cut my cheek.  I wiped the wound with alcohol preps, and took two Tylenol.  I then iced down my eye socket with ice from my drink.  The vision in my left eye returned after a few minutes, and I was able to ride back to Campbell with a spare set of sunglasses.

A couple of takeaways.  Everything happened in real time, not slow motion.  It was all quick.  I am surprised at how calm I was during and after I made it to the shoulder of the road.  I know I was lucky.  If one of those large chunks hit my legs or arm it would have torn them off. I have always been deathly afraid of tire shredding trucks and ALWAYS pass them whenever I can. I never want to be behind a truck, and pass them quickly every chance I get. I'm not sure if I could have done anything else.

I have always ridden with an open face helmet.  I think it's time I bought a modular flip up.

Damn Mark, so glad you handled it well and came out ok.  I have for almost as long as I remember sped up when passing semi trucks.  Little chit is always coming off of them and while I've not been as close as you were today I've seen them blow tires or lose caps.  Not staying there any longer than necessary.

Glad you're ok.  Bike ok too?

Very good to hear you are OK, Mark.

This may help.

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"80 plus"?  Say it ain't so!   :nixweiss:   Glad you made it through Mark.

Every since I shattered my jaw in my accident, I've been wearing the Nolan modular (built in intercom).  Not looking back......still wear it.  However, now that I've moved to the Tucson area (very little traffic in comparison to Calif) I have worn my half shell more than I should.  Think I'll go back to wearing the modular full time. 


Congratulations on surviving what could have been a disasterous event. 

Your presence of mind and calmness as the event unfolded is to be admired.

I don’t think I could have sucessfully accomplished what you were able to do.

I am very thankful you are safe and without serious injury.

I agree with your thinking about the newest modular helment being the way to go.

Best wishes for many miles of safe travels in the future.




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