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How to clean engine cooling fins


Hey guys any tips for cleaning the edges of the cylinder heads? And not staining the black parts of the motor

I have used this on 2016 CVO SG with black engine, worked fairly well on the cylinders and heads

For cleaning the inside of the fins I use a foam paint brush made for edging. Depending how dirty, I use water or Mineral Spirits. For the edges (shiny part), I have used some light steel wool. When done with all that I use engine brightener. Love that stuff....

    WD40,  spray it on let it sit for a good haft hour  then wash as normal using a HD motor scrub brush or equivalent. I use it on mine and it lifts off any road   stains.
Like mentioned,  spray it on a foam paint brush and rubb the fin edges

I use tire foam on the black motors.  At least the night before, sometimes a couple of days even if I have time before I'm going to wash the bike I put cardboard under it in the garage and spray the engine, trans and primary really well with tire foam and leave it.  It bubbles the grime away and seems to renew the black wrinkle finish with a little luster.  Washing it removes the shine. 


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