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My 128 build on 2019 CVO Street Glide for Touring


 I thought I would share my build information and dyno sheet on my 128 build. I have 34K on the bike overall and 8k miles on the build 2 Up touring with my better half. I have had no issues, it pulls hard, and has plenty of top end fully loaded down. I am not overly interested in top numbers, just how it fits my riding style.

HPI 70mm throttle body
Trask Assault Air Cleaner -external breather
Wiseco Forged Pistons 11.2 to 1 compression
Rick Ward Heads +2mm valves
Fueling Oil pump and Cam plate
Fullsac Head Pipe
Rhinehart 4.5 (quiet baffles) with Fuel Moto Dynamic Exhaust Tuning Inserts - I had to put quiet baffles in the Rhineharts as my wife said the standard baffles were way to loud. They are by no means quiet though!
Rekluse clutch
Baker compensator
Dyno jet powervision with Target Tune

Very nice, I bet it's a hoot to ride.

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Very nice build.  Big torque and HP motors are a blast to ride.  Love mine.

What cam did you use?


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