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Let's hope like hell this doesn't turn into another lifter eater like the 110.

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That is a concerning statement.  Does beefier mean higher pressure or more metal in the spring?  Pressure is part of the problem with lifters on the 110 engine.

Oh come now gentlemen, you know the motor company spent countless hours developing this new variation of the venerable M8 engine. They would never release a product that could possibly jeopardize their long-standing reputation for longevity and trouble free engines.

I, for one, am fully and completely sure that these engines, along with the new infotainment system, will provide their owners with a lifetime of happiness.

I am also encouraged by the time and effort spent in developing the new location for the horn. In case you haven’t noticed, they boldly placed this marvel of Harley engineering down near the left floorboard, and wisely chose to leave it uncovered for all the world to see in all it’s polyethylene glory.

Shrader, you do sarcasm quite well.

I’m not being sarcastic.

Or am I?


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