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Author Topic: rules of posting to  (Read 12799 times)

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rules of posting to
« on: January 08, 2004, 01:17:12 PM »

    [1]Do not use this Forum for shameless self promotion of your website/business/employer. This includes using a business/employer name as your member name, using your business/employer name in your posts, and or putting links to your business/employer in your signature. Industry professionals may post as long as they do not use their business name or employer in posts, signature etc...
    Members wishing to promote their business here must be willing to offer a minimum of 10% discount on parts/services to site members and will be identified by "Vendor" under their username. Businesses must be motorcycle based!

    [2]Before posting a question use the search function to see if it has already been answered

    [3]This is a public forum, but is privately owned and operated. membership and the ability to post is privilege freely given

    [4]Violations of the rules of posting may result temporary or permanent loss of this privilege

    [5]Posts should be made in the proper forum (Road King questions should go in the Road King forum, etc. etc.  Do not post the same messages in multiple forums)

    [6]Technical threads should be kept on topic, threads in the sections under the "CVO Social" will not be held to the same standard of on-topic

    [7]Your opinions my differ from others posted, blatant flaming of other members will not be tolerated, this includes remarks based on Race, Religion, Sex, or any other category covered by discrimination law

    [8]Give and receive criticism with an open mind. You will be held responsible for your actions, so post wisely. If you can't handle posting wisely, don't post.

    [9]Keep content family and work friendly no nudity should be posted, posting a link to another site that has content not allowed here will be removed

    [10]Content posted on this site is intended to be motorcycle related, non motorcycle content may be removed at administrators/moderators discretion. No political discussions will be allowed in any board

    [11]Use a good description of your post in the title

    [12]Intentional rude / smart-ass comments made towards newbies will be removed

    [13]Moderators may edit, move, or remove posts at their discretion, and without explanation

    [14]If a thread strays too far off-topic, the off-topic content may be split off into a separate thread or removed

    [15]Basically use common sense and be considerate courteous and respectful of other members

    [16]Where possible post a link to content on other sites instead of copying and pasting large amounts of text

    [17]Do not put your phone number into a posting, unless you want it showing up in Internet search engines

    [18]CVOHARLEY does not support/endorse/promote legal actions/negative ad campaigns toward Harley-Davidson or any other individual or company.
Conflict Resolution:
    [1]Your opinions may differ from others posted. blatant flaming of other members will not be tolerated

    [2]Utilize the Personal Message (PM) function to resolve conflicts with other members in private

    [3]PM's should be considered private, however just like e-mail there is no guarantee that the recipient wont forward it or post it.

    [4]Contact a Global Moderator if you are unable to resolve the conflict on your own
Proxy Posting:
    [1]Posting on behalf of a non-member. The member is responsible for the content posted.

    [2]Posting on behalf of any member that has been removed from the site will result in the post being removed.  The member will receive a reminder from a moderator.  Continued offenses may result in the member also being removed.

    [3]If someone else's uses your "user name" or "password" you are still responsible for any post they make using your login.

Freedom of Speech:
    [1]This is a privately owned and operated web site, that allows people to register and participate.

    [2]If the site owner or designated administrator/moderator decides you are no longer welcome your account will be locked/removed. ( this is no different then you asking a guest to leave your property )

    [3]Freedom of speech does not apply, posting is a revocable privilege on the site.

CVOHARLEY chat. Chat room is unmoderated but we do ask that you be respectfull to each other and mindfull that people may be logged in from work or other public places when posting content

These are the rules that you agree to follow when you login to CVOHARLEY Violation of these rules may result in temporary or permanent banning from the site
As the site grows and changes the Rules of Posting may change, you should review them periodically

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