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Synthetic oil

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What are your experiences with synthetic oils in the SERKs?

Don't know yet, just changed my 2002 last week to all SYN-3. It feels like it shifts a little smoother, but too early to tell. I also wanted to see if it ran any cooler in the summer heat


i use mobile 1 syn. in my softail ( S&S motor ). ive had the dealer do my oil changes so far on the FLHRSEI.  the only place i would be careful is the primary. if its too slippery you could have clutch trouble

My dealer just completed the 1000 mi check up this week and the lubrication was changed to SYN-3, H-D's
synthetic. The bike seems to run and shift smoother with it in. The checkup was late in the mileage due to the shop being about 2 weeks back logged.  Probably going to Amsoil next change.


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