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What seat fits?

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Because of the dash it looks like the provided seat is the only one that will fit. I wanted a Mustang solo and have one on my roadking. I am going to the dealer today to see if the roadking seat will fit. the measurments look close.

Anyone changed the seat yet and to what?

my dealer said any seat that fits the road king should work. I have the mustang touring seat for the road king ordered should be here any day. will post how it fits as soon as it gets here.

I just put the solo seat (mustang) off my roadking and it fit like a charm.  Definately looks like this bad boy uses Roadking seats.

Cabo, Corbin will have a seat out for the FLHTCSE by the end of next week.  Keep an eye on their web site.

Damn, just asked this question in another thread.  So, it's a Road King seat for me that will need to be ordered as well!!!  [smiley=7.gif]


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