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1200 Miles on FLHTCSE

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Made some changes at 900 miles - 2004 V&H new oval type slip ons, SE air box, and racing mod.
Definately woke it in the mid and upper rpms.
Haven't dynoed it, but I'm not really into that, as long as it feels good [smiley=bigok.gif]
Was thinking down the road, for more acceleration in the 80/90's what is your opinion, how about gearing? (30 tooth)?

I haven't heard of changing the gearing except maybe a six speed.

What racing mod ? Is it a screaming eagle chip?

I was told to throw in a power commander, pipes, air cleaner, and a chip to give it some extra zooba.

How do those V&H pipes sound? Are they more deaper sounding than the SE pipes?

Yes the V&H pipes are much lower sounding, and when they get up in the cruising RPM's they quiet down abit. Very happy with them. The bike doesn't come with SE pipes they come with touring pipes. No good at all, restrictive, and the sound is horrible with the stroker engine.
The racing Module is HD about $350. Lots of benefits over the Power Module (I'm told), can tune anything you need. I've heard lots of stories, but I honestly don't know, how well they perform. The HD racing made a big difference in my CSE..

The gearing, ?? didn't get a repsonse from this board. But I've been told that gear (either way) is you have to give up something to change something. So, it's probably not the answer.  The 6 speed is sippose to help, but the Baker is about $2600, and that my friend is too much considering the bike was $28,000...... [smiley=drink.gif] [smiley=drink.gif]
Anyway, good luck, you'll love the bike.

HD racing mod ?
do you have the product number .

A 2 into 1 exhaust (Vance & Hines, Thunderheader, White Bros. etc.) will put more pep in your step.....especially in mid range and upper end.


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