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Hey guys,
Noob here
I just picked up my first Harley (CVO Breakout). I've been lurking here for the last few weeks, and I'm truly grateful for the plethora of knowledge found here. I'm just wondering if someone might know where I can get metal finishing to match this new "smoke satin chrome" HD is using on my bike. I really love the look, but now I've swapped pipes (V&H) and I'd love to have them finished (if possible) to match the factory pipes in the dark chrome. The new pipes are flat black and kind of stand out. I also need to get new derby covers with the same finish if possible.

I purchased the screaming eagle street cannons with the brushed nickel shields and noticed the brushed nickel is very close to the smoke satin chrome.  It is slightly lighter but pretty close.  I wanted something a little more aggressive so I'm going with the Magnaflow legacy gen x exhaust that also has shields.  I plan to take the header shields to a local metal plater to try and mimic the Harley finish.  At the very least a good satin nickel or brushed satin nickel would look good enough.  The muffler shields I was planning to powder coat gloss black to match the stock look as well.  I'll post a picture of the brushed nickel next to the stock shield this weekend.


Do you have a picture of your Pro Street with the brushed nickel screaming eagle street cannons  ?


I actually purchased the Magnaflow Legacy Gen-X exhaust and had a place black chrome the shields. It looks like 90% close to the stock finish.

This is how the finish looked initially.


Looks great!


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