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Does anyone own a Pro Street Breakout and added the Harley Sport Windshield? Just curious to see some pictures of it before I decide to purchase one. I googled some images and all I can find if the one stock photo from the website.


I am curious as well, got a 2016 white/black CVO breakout. 
From what I understand to use the Harley screen, we will have to remove the bullet fairing. 
At one time I saw some wind screens that mount to the handle bars.  That might be a better option for us.   

GJW1911, hey we got the same bikes... :) I also have a 2016 in black / white. Yeah I've heard that the headlight fairing has to come off, which i don't mind as I don't think the windshield will be permanent on the bike.

Hey Guys I would look at the Night rod special sport windshield, It was cut out for the cowl and attached to the handle bars and forks, Your forks are bigger but might be an option if you wanted to do some part collecting or see if you could get the brackets for the Pro street and wind shield from the NRS.
Just an option.

I was checking other options and Memphis shades makes two fairings that should work.  I am going to look into either the bullet or cafe fairing with quick release hardware, maybe eventually have it painted pearl white.


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