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Has anyone put a Batwing Fairing on their Breakout? Does anyone know the measurement of the forks at the top at the headlight on the Breakout? Before anyone blasts me for messing up the beautiful lines of our bikes, this is to be for longer rides and quick detachable when I get where I'm going. Thanks in advance for your help. FYI it's a 2016 cvo prostreet, white and black.

This is a picture of it just sitting on the bike. I will post more as I progress with the project.

As long as it works for you.
What brand fairing and what mounting brackets are you using? 
I did the same thing on a dyna fatbob, using a reckless fairing for a roadking and the factory HD windshield quick release mounting clamps.  I put a pyle radio and 2 6x9 speakers it was awesome on long trips.  And, I could still pop it off and ride with the wind in my receding hairline.
I just ordered a LRS universal wind screen, waiting on it to come in, but a removable fairing for long trips would be nice. 

It is a Memphis shades off of a 2005 fxst, I'm not sure about the winshield but it is the kind that curves out towards the front. Memphis shades quick disconnect brackets for the 05 fxst. I'm not sure how I'm going to mount it yet, I might make some custom brackets and mount it straight to the handle bars on some speaker mounting clamps. I'm thinking of ordering the Boss Audio 1000 watt 4 speaker system so I'll have 4 bolts to use if need be.

GJW1911 we have the same bike. What's your opinion about the color of the fairing, painted the same white as on the bike or black? I'm leaning towards white but I'm curious what someone with the same bike would think.


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