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looking for replacement gastank for CVO Fat bob 2010 denim black with flames


Well, I had a little incident with a gas spill and those crappy gas station paper towels and it scratched up the black denim/matte black part of the tank. I went to the dealer but they said repairing denim black especially CVO colors is very difficult and they wont do it. They said the best bet was to see if anyone is selling the same tank online as the replacement tank via HD is freaking pricey. So decided to try my luck here, in case anyone has any suggestions/thoughts to either repair the scratches and gas stains on the matte black or by any chance, anyone is selling their tank in case they did a different paint job or changed tins. Any help would be appreciated. THanks.

You had a accident. This happens alot in the automotive industry with the newer cars and the flat paint. File a claim with your insurance company. I handled a couple of these claims before retirement. We just bought new tanks. They can be fixed by a "Collision Repair Facility" by only repairing the damaged area, taping off the other colors, respraying the flat color in the damaged area and blending to the remainder of the tank, then spraying clear with flat additive on the complete tank. Cost for this is prohibitive. This is a paint shop, NOT A HARLEY DEALER, no HD dealer I ever heard of had any knowledge of how to paint or repair paint. Or to equate this to a car,,, you do not take your scratched new GM truck to the service department for scratch repairs, you go to the body shop. HD dealers do not have body shops.


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