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First year CVO


Why is it on alot of sites, most infact list 2002 as the first year of the”Official” CVO Bike... was the 2002 cvo’s the first official ones ? And here is a pic of my bike except i changed the air cleaner cover to the round black screaming eagle cover had 7,000 miles on ot when i bought it and 9,750 now ,,got it 2 years ago,, has a 103 upgrade kit in it , cams etc.. and the black speedo with built in tach.. it also has the Predator front isolator mount,, if ya dont have one ya need to get one made a huge difference in handling ..will really go when ya grip it and rip it.. oh and old aircleaner cover in pic for sale ,, originally $150 ,, sell for 50 plus shipping if anyone interested..

Buy early:
You can see all of the Custom Vehicle Operation bikes here:

1999 production was only the FXR bikes. GREAT bikes but only 1800 produced. 2000 saw the first Screamin’ Eagle bike with the Road Glide. It took a few years before the marketing of the CVO moniker took off. I own an ‘01 FWDWG2 so I know the joy of your Switchblade.

There is a pretty good book on CVO’s -

Lots of factual errors. For example, they refer to our bikes as Screamin’ Eagle CVO’s and they aren’t. Lots of pretty pictures tho although several are MIS-labeled.

The best written history of these bikes is on this website. Lots to read and learn.

There is a Facebook page for Switchblades - CVO Switchblade Owners Group. Be sure to check it out.

Cool site. I was able to see the 4 CVO's I have had..


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