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Need help with apes on my 2014 Breakout Cvo


Hello. I'm new to the group and am looking for any info on cables and wiring kits that would fit a 2014 Breakout CVO. I just ordered a set of 14" Sweeping Beaters from BR's Custom Bars out of NY. I was told that cable kit can be by selected by giving the make, mobile and year of the bike. That was true except for CVO's. It seems that no one has measurements for a Breakout CVO. Has anyone put apes on a Breakout CVO. The info that I am looking for is the length of the brake and clutch cables. Even if you have a higher ape,  I can use the height and
lengths to cross reference what I would need. Thanks for any help or suggestions. I will attach a couple of pics of the apes.

A good parts person at dealership should be able to find the needed cables. They are not cheap but available. I've put apes on my 2014 and it was not a problem finding the required cables and wiring.

mark z:

Thanks guys. I wanted to do it myself but decided to let the experts do it. They local HD dealer took 2 day to figure out the cables and they deal with this daily. I will have to post a pic when complete. 8 weeks for custom apes. 6 weeks to go. Should have ordered them for Christmas. LED Lizard lights is the project for these days off. Suppose to be an easy install. We will see.


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