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What is a Fair Price for a 2013 CVO Breakout?

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What is a Fair Price for a 2013 CVO Breakout?

The bike has around 700 miles on it and is completely stock. The owner is asking $26,000!! This appears to be almost $5K over KBB retail.

I think a fair price is $18 - $19K

Any thoughts,


Since you asked for is my .02 on asking a fair price of any vehicle on the Internet.
It always boils down to supply and demand and generally the owner thinks their vehicle is always worth more than it's true market value due to some emotions involved as well as money on accessories and mods.. They may have also paid one of those silly dealership inflated prices above msrp and the owner is trying to get some or all of their money back. Once reality sets in about the real market price they may come down to your price.
The flip side is how much is that bike worth to you? If you have to have it now then I guess you pay the owner's price, otherwise I would just leave him your info and best price. If he gets no other offers he may call you to make the sale. The beauty is you don't absolutely need the bike and it's not a "one only" item so even if you don't buy this bike another one will come up for sale eventually.
I personally don't trust most Internet sites for pricing if it's done anonymously since there seems to be many people who love messing with people and make up inflated or unusually low prices to throw off the original poster. How do you know they really paid that price for theirs and did it have same mileage,maintenance and accessories etc.?

Yes. I agree. Maybe the seller will come to reality and I will buy it.

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It could be that the mileage is so low. Seven hundred miles is like getting a brand new bike. I don't know how many 2013 CVO Breakouts are around, but that would probably be one of the lowest mileage bikes out there. Not saying you should pay full price...just saying I can understand why he wants so much money for the bike. Try negotiating. You never know. If he knows you are serious and have the money, things might change in your favor.


He is basically asking almost original MSRP for the bike ($26,999 MSRP), so I'm guessing he paid way over MSRP and wants the next guy to help him recoup some of the extra money he threw away.  Or he has fallen for the old fable about how Harley's retain a very high percentage of their original price (low or no depreciation); if so he is delusional and hasn't been paying attention for the past ten years.  Btw, NADA shows average retail at $17,500 for that bike.  Bump it a grand or two for low mileage if you want, but it's still worth maybe $20k max. 

As VaEagle mentioned, it ultimately comes down to how badly you want the bike.  If you really want to pay MSRP for a five year old bike, that's up to you.  I think I'd do as previously suggested and just give the seller a best offer price and let him know how long you'll wait for an answer.  I always assume people asking way too much will eventually come to their senses when no one bites, but I've been wrong on more than one occasion.  They can always find another guy just like them who will pay way too much.  There still seems to be a fairly large number of people who continue to think it's still 1999.

JMHO - Jerry


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