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What is a Fair Price for a 2013 CVO Breakout?

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If he goes to 19 or 20 I will consider it.

At the current price it won’t sell.

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I have 650 miles on mine....and would not sell it at any looking of all with the full chrome wheels. IMHO.   :)

I just bought my Molten silver from South Carolina and had it shipped to Alberta
I paid 19500 usd and the about $3000 in shipping and fees so I’m into it for 29000cad it had 1100 miles came with custom dynamics leds kit 2 fobs,and a cover

I sold my 2013 Crimson last year with 5000kms on it for 30000cad

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$19,500 is a fair price. $26,000 with no upgrades is crazy.

Check Cycletrader - seems to be a bunch for sale!


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