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Recommendations for oil cooler

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Can anyone recommend an oil cooler to fit a 2013 CVO Breakout that looks good on the bike? A chrome model would be a plus.

Most of the ones I’ve looked at are ugly and ruin the looks of the bike.



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I have mighty might love jugs, a Jagg oil cooler and a Harley oil cooler on mine. You can see the Jagg is a black side mounted affair and it does not ruin the looks of the bike. In my estimation, it makes the bike look badazz. The fans are small and might be a better option because they are fantastic and really do keep the engine heat down, even while the bike is standing at idle. Harley makes an oil cooler that fits between the down tubes and has a chrome cover.

Are those the small love jugs? Were you able to mount them with the frame mount kit?

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Yes the small ones called Mighty Mights. Had to take my custom horn off and remount the stock horn in order to mount the fans. Here are the instructions:

Oilbud. Tucks up under the frame, built like a tank, initial install dropped my oil down to 225-225


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