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Recommendations for oil cooler

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I have an ultra cool that was best looking I found. It's a tight install but not overly difficult.


I have used these here in Perth Western Australia Australia for many years now. I have also put them onto all of my mates bikes as well.

ABSOLUTSELY  the best bang for the buck bar none.

Drops oil temps 20F. and you can use black OEM filters thereafter.

I did big back to back tests against the genuine HD plumb in oil cooler radiator system and these work just as well for $45 USD.

Harley used to retail them and this guy made them. I have no interest in the seller or his company , I am just a 100% satisfied customer.

Does it just slip over the oil filter?

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Yes indeed. They "work" on the heat sink principle , just like the regulator/rectifier already on the bike for the charging system.

It gets pretty hot here in Australia , and these work just fine


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