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How many are still out there

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We have similar mods (AC, True duals, tuned) but I believe your bike would have the edge with that cam, mine are just stock.  Between my wife and kids not much left in my wallet for motor work :) but I’d have to do something!


--- Quote from: SHRADER on July 28, 2022, 02:16:08 PM ---My 2004 has been with me since 9-17-03 and I don’t reckon Betsy is going anywhere

--- End quote ---

Isn't that what Brian calls his B&B?

I don’t know what he calls his.

Maybe Easy Off would be suitable?

Don’t want him lusting after mine.

Betsy is her official name and she’s a huckleberry

I have one with 85k on it, I bought it two years ago. Sadly the paint is a little rough, but I'm going to try and restore it as best I can.  I just talked to a guy on facebook who repainted a Jalapeno blue.

Mine is an '04 blue/black . mostly stock and still shows well with 51,000 miles.
rare bike in the USA but even rarer in Canada. Bonus is that it qualifies for "collector plate " status here.


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