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Friends ‘02 FXDWG

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Good friend of mine just picked up an ‘02 FXDWG with 8000 miles.  I’ll invite him to join the site. He also has a ‘47 HD. 

Here’s a pic, 

Here’s the ‘47

Buy early:
Still the prettiest of the CVO's and the fastest of the WG2-3's because of its red color!

That 02 '01 is a beautiful machine and congrats to him.  Hope he joins us.

...but the '47....that Knuckle is the bees-knees and stirs the soul.  The last year before the pan came along....only 4,300 '47's made give or take if memory serves... :2vrolijk_20: :znotworthy: :love_1:

Dream bike is a '36 Knuckle....when my rich uncle gets out of the poor house, I'll have me one.... ;D

Just noticed the history thread shows the FXDWG2 as a 2001.  Says they did not make a red DWG2 in '02.


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