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Mustang Fred Kodlin Seat- Opinions

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Greetings all

I know opinions are like ar$eols everyone has one & its where I place mine that I am interested in :)

After a decent ride on my bike I get off feeling a little sore in the seat department

Have been looking at the Mustang Fred Kodlin Seat and thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone else is riding with one hoping to get some thoughts

happy to hear about other brands as well, have looked at the Danny Gray Buttcrack with the gel insert aswell 

all thoughts appreciated

Hi, I have an 09 Springer (uses the same seats as the Breakout) and have tried the following:

- Corbin with the backrest - the most comfortable of the lot
- Harley Breakout seat with the riders seat made 1 inch longer - local trimmer cut it out - much better than std
- Harley Sundowner - ugly looking but very good for trips
- Danny Gray Butt Crack - looks great but the most uncomfortable on any thing over 100 klms

Are u in Australia? if so and if u r in Sydney I am happy to lend u a couple to try out

Thanks for the offer & the info, I am in Australia but down south in Melbourne

appreciate the info on the Buttcrack as that was my other option, was yours the standard or did it have the Gel insert


I posted in a mother thread my feed back on this seat and the matching pillion.

First, i got the black and “red” version. It isn’t red, it’s very very maroon. I ended up getting the seat recovered locally with red leather instead of the maroon suede.

I had the seat recontoured also so I could sit lower and further back.

Honestly, I wish C&C made a seat for the breakout cause it was way better. The C&C was more of a L shape cradle for your butt where as the Mustang is more of a V shape. After 3-4 hrs I have to get off the Mustang seat or I lose feeling in my outer thigh... haha awesome.

thanks for the update

not much out the for the Breakout still

what other options are there available


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