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SMOKIN' Deal on a '13 CVO Molten Silver Breakout


New guy here who's been appreciating all the knowledgeable posts and learning from your experiences...

I've been lusting for a 2013 CVO Breakout for several years now, but couldn't persuade the wife with a straight face to spend upward of $20K on another Harley. But then one fine summer morning I find myself window-shopping on CycleTrader and whatta ya know: A stock BO with 2.097 miles on it in SoCal! It didn't take me long to get my ass down there from Oregon. Owned by a woman, always garaged and with a new battery. It included a set of saddlebags, a windshield, and an engine guard (which I'm getting rid of for $50, if anyone is interested).

Mods: So far, I've installed a pair of Cobra Short Swept 2-2 — got rid of the quiet baffles and stuck some Big City Thunder Monsters in there, a Thundermax ECM, a fender plate-mount, a lift kit that raises the tank 1 1/2" (for that to work, I had to raise the bars 1 1/2" as well), an LED daymaker, and got rid of the Screaming' Eagle air intake and installed an Arlen Ness inverted. What a machine! I repeat: What a machine!  ;D

Stay on two out there!


Congratulations on the new ride. I hope you enjoyed the ride home.  :2vrolijk_21:

Eqcons is right.... where are the pictures?

Very nice!   :2vrolijk_20:   :2vrolijk_20:


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