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59802-05 Detachable Windshield Fitment on FXDWG3

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Has anyone fitted detachable windshield #59802-05 onto their FXDWG3 (with mini-fairing removed)?

H-D website would suggest it should fit, as it has 2002 FXDWG listed under fitment:

Issue I'm having is the cutout around the headlight interferes with the headlight trim ring.  I had the exact same issue with the windshield kit I'm replacing (unknown part number but it is a genuine H-D kit).  I'm not willing to cut this one.

My guess is there is a different mounting block and/or headlamp housing on the FXDWG3 vs. standard production FXDWG.

The FXDWG3 parts manual shows the mounting block as #67627-97.  I believe the orientation is correct as installed.  It does not work if the block is either mounted backwards or upside-down as there are clearance issues.  The manual shows the headlamp housing as #67777-80A.

Can anyone provide the mounting block and headlamp housing part numbers for a standard 2002 FXDWG?

Parts manual

Headlamp assy and mount

Can look up parts for 2002 FXDWG here for the comparison.

Thanks.  Looks like a different headlamp assembly mounting block.  The one listed on the link you provided is #67772-97.


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