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i'm going to be riding the heck out of my new cvo pro street breakout and I'll need some wind protection to go the distance. I'm not finding much out there for the cvo breakout but I am finding a lot for the standard fxsb model. I'm curious if anyone knows if a burly outlaw made for the standard breakout would fit the cvo models? thanks!


New to the forums and also created an account just to get involved on this thread and find some suggestions. I purchased a trigger lock kit for the FXSB that I thought would fit onto the FXSE (I have a '16). Turned out that it doesn't because the FXSE has 49mm forks compared to 43mm forks on the FXSB. The only one I've found that works is the OEM windshield form Harley, but as someone 6' tall, I've heard bad reviews from other people saying it causes significant wind buffeting to the helmet. I have seen pictures/bikes listed online with a batwing fairing from Memphis shades that looks pretty sweet, but I'm not willing to spend $400+ on something that I don't know for sure fits. Per Memphis shades customer service, they don't make a mounting kit for the FXSE. So I am also at a loss and looking for suggestions. Attached a pic of mine for both reference and love.

I haven’t tested my Windvest “wind deflector” yet on a long distance ride but it works for what I wanted, doesn’t take away from the looks of my 2009 FXSTSSE3, only feel a little wind buffeting around my modular helmet.

For CVO spingers out there, I got the tallest one for springers, 16” (they now have a 16” x 16” wide) although their parts listing did not include that for my model, the springer one has a nice headlight notch in it (not sure if they have that anymore, it sits lower), got the more extended clamps for the 07-08 CVO Springer big handlebars in case I added a tach later. I went back & forth by email to get what I wanted specifically since it went against their listing & advice, they are meant to look over as a wind deflector versus shield to look thru but I can see fine thru the thick plastic & smoke tint below my sight line.

Anyway, I see they do have one for the 2013-2017 CVO Breakout, the 16” smoke tint & black hardware might do the trick for you, not sure if it will provide the full coverage you need, but it is very sturdy, helps deflect the wind, & doesn’t take away from the bike’s looks. Good luck & congrats on the new bike, I think the frame & rear tire is similar to the 2009 FXSTSSE3, it’s a cool ride...

Thanks for the info DarkEagle! As it stands now, I think I'm going to try and mount a Memphis Shades Road Warrior fairing to the front end of it. I plan on going to Sturgis this year, so I'll need something that I know can stand up to some serious highway mileage. I've been on a few bikes with the Road Warrior, and the wind protection is pretty good for something that isn't a large batwing style or fixed fairing. In order to mount the fairing to my bike, I'm going to be using a Kraus Moto mount setup. Kraus makes a fairing mount specifically for inverted front forks like the ones found on the CVO breakout. Only bummer about this setup is that I'll have to get the fairing painted to match the white on my bike since they only come in black. I'll post some pictures to this thread once I get everything done and installed, but that won't be until closer to the middle of summer.

I have a 2017 CVO breakout just installed a wind best 10" windshield to help with the wind blast.


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