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2008 FLHRSE4 TSM/HFSM proximity fob - fire survivor bike

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It's BACK in rotation. The CVO project is in a personal project rotation system. When I get to a point with a project that parts and or more research is needed then the bike gets taken out of rotation until parts are in and the research is completed.

The reason the engine wouldn't crank is because the security system FOB had the battery in it upside down. That was a cheap fix.

The EFI manifold was seized (butterfly stuck) so that was replaced with an exact part number match. Now the engine cranks and wont fire. A short blast of starting fluid and the engine fires. Houston, we have ignition. Considering heat that radiated down from the 18' high garage ceiling fire melted the wiring in the handle bars and the switch assemblies, what about the possible havoc to the ECM. The bike was in running condition before the fire.

Are ideas for the fuel supply issue ?? What is a reasonable scanner/programmer to purchase ??


Welcome from PA!


Welcome my friend... Best wishes with your build.. Any pictures?

The link to the photos should be attached at the lower " chose file " box.  This is a tedious research project getting through the electronic programing in regards to the TSM / HFSM and getting the engine to crank. Not there yet, still have to bleed all the brakes and keep reading.


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