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2008 FLHRSE4 TSM/HFSM proximity fob - fire survivor bike

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Sorry to hear of the fire but good on ya for rebuilding your bike. Good luck. Give the forum a shout with questions some one can help with...


--- Quote from: dibart on April 04, 2020, 04:58:25 PM ---The bike survived a small metal building roof fire. The right side saddle bag lid cover, part of the seat cover, all the paint and handle bar switches and switch wiring was destroyed. The tank had fuel in it and the tires had air. Inside the right saddle bag was a plastic shopping bag with a paper receipt and the owners manual undamaged.

I found a twin bike in salvage at PG Power Sports, Alberta Canada and purchased practically everything that was needed fore the restoration. The wiring harness survived although for $90 I replaced it. The battery and handle bar switches and wiring for the switches are new.

At the final stage of completion and having problems with the TSM/HFSM Antenna system. Not sure how it all works? Still need to bleed the ABS brakes  and put fuel in. Engine won't crank.

--- End quote ---


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