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Hey guys . I'm looking to put 14 or 16 " apes on my 08 CVO Springer . I see there are a few websites that carry Springer apes , but I've heard that because our bikes have a hydraulic clutch that some of the apes wont work / fit with the clutch side ??
Is this true , and if so does anyone know what apes - brand/website will work ??


I put Carlini 14” Flying Apes on my 09 CVO Springer, I’m sure they’d work on a 08 as well.

Twism — i know your post is a few years old but was wondering if you saved your OEM/stock 09 handlebars and if so would you be willing to sell or trade for them?  Interestingly enough, the bars on my bike look precisely like yours.  As i am the 3rd owner, i do not have all the parts history on it.  Let me say in advance thank you for your time and consideration.  Hope you have a great day!


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