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My 2002 FLHRSEI Brandywine SERK

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I recently became the owner of this bike, which has been my absolute favourite for many years.

Started my Harley adventure on a 2005 Road King Classic that served me flawlessly for 80000km, and traded that for a 2012 Ultra Limited that also performed good for around 60000km. But the lust for a Brandywine SERK was always there so when this bike came up for sale I just had to have it. It's a rare bike with only 408 produced, and only four has ever been imported to Norway. Actually it is now only three remaining in the original paint scheme, as I was told that one of the four had an accident and has now been repainted in black. So, as you probably understand they don't show up very often for sale here.

When searching the web for info on these bikes I stumbled across an ad on Chopper Exchange dated late 2011, and I'm pretty sure this is my exact bike. In the ad it has 18 inch wire wheels, an Arlen Ness dash and a Corbin solo seat with passenger pillion and backrest, all in matching studded leather. All these addons are on my bike also. And the date matches pretty well when my bike was imported to Norway (first registered here early 2012).  Unfortunately the original parts are long gone, but I will start searching for them in the future. Here's a link to the ad, and also a pic from back then:


Here's a pic from the ad the previous owner had this summer here in Norway. He added the passing lamps, and licence plate relocation kit, both addons that I plan to keep (and they are easy to remove, should I want to later):

Another one:

The bike is a very early 2002 model. The label with the production date is barely visible due to rubbing from the clutch cable, but an educated guess tells me the label says 07/01 although only the very top of the numbers are visible:

The date also corresponds well with this sticker inside the left saddlebag:


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