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How many Brandywine 2002 SERK's are still around

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Probably an impossible question to answer, but it would be intriguing to know how many are still on this forum...

I have spent quite some time on the H-D VIN checker, along with a check digit generator, and I believe I have all the 408 VIN's confirmed by H-D. I also have quite a collection of links to ads from approx the last 10 years with different Brandywine SERK's, some of which I have the VIN and others that I do not have any VIN. So some of the ads could be of the same bike, but I fell pretty certain that I have at least 50 unique bikes covered. I also have at least 4 VIN's of salvaged bikes but there are probably more.

Of the 408 bikes there are 38 destined for California (identified by a "3" as the 8th digit) and none were so called HDI bikes (should have had a "5" as the first digit). So maybe H-D didn't use the HDI designation that early? The parts catalog definitely mention international models, and lists kmh speedometers. As a side note there were two purple SERK's sold brand new in Norway in 2002, so some sort of international models were definitely available.

However, is it acceptable to publish the list of VINs that I have? It would give some indication of what number in the sequence a specific bike would be, although there is no garantee they actually left the factory in that order.

My bike has number 1HD1PDC342Y950068 (no secret here, as this is public information here in Norway) and according to my list it is Brandywine SERK number 26 in total, and number 2 ! delivered to California. It has a production date of june 25th 2001 according to a label inside the left saddle bag, and was sold new by Orange County Harley-Davidson in Irvine California.

Anyone else want to share their Brandywine SERK?

As I said VIN numbers are no secret here in Norway, anyone can look one up, so here's another Brandywine SERK, number 1HD1PDC152Y950465:

Show your Brandywine SERK is a game I'll always play!  Here's mine in current form.

It's been several years ago but a group of us with these bikes tried to figure out how many were on the site then.  Me and two different Jeffs.  PJ still had his.  A few others I can't think of right now.  Best recollection is there were seven or eight known members with the red 02 SERKs at that time.

They were always rarely seen.  I've not seen another besides mine in person in a long time.  Years.  Have seen bits and pieces of at least eight different bikes parted out on eBay over the last ten years.  It would be interesting to know what's left but of course we never really will.


--- Quote from: Twolanerider on September 25, 2020, 06:00:53 PM --- It would be interesting to know what's left but of course we never really will.

--- End quote ---

I'm afraid you're right. We'll never know the whereabout of all 408. Even if we got 100 I'd be impressed.

So, before I do something stupid here, is it OK to share pictures and VIN''s that I have collected from old ads on cycle trader, chopper exchange and other sites? Wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes, or right out do something illegal...

There are two more (so four in total) here in Norway. One has had an accident and has been repainted black. These last two I only have pictures from a restricted fb group so not sure I should share them here... But their VIN''s are: 1HD1PDC152Y950577 and 1HD1PDC162Y950698


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