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Grounding the Frame and Motor


My 98 Road King developed a Ground problem. Things had been fine for 65k miles until now. The Schematic shows the Neg. Battery Cable goes to the
Right fender grounding stud. Previous owner had the battery gnd to inner Primary. There is .1 ohms from battery gnd to motor. But there's 7 ohms between the
Battery gnd and frame.
   Putting the battery gnd to the right fender stud has a low resistance but now I have 7 ohms between battery ground and motor and is playing Hell with the starter.  Isn't there supposed to be grounding strap between the motor and Frame to solve this???
Thanks guys

The big negative cable should go down to a starter bolt.  Bolt will go through the starter housing in to the primary.

^^  At least that's my recollection ^^

When I removed Battery and checked the grounds, I found that the Battery Gnd was going to the Motor and Fender gnd wasn't connected causing crazy readings. Now the Battery and Frame is tied to the Battery Gnd. All readings are good.


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