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Early SERK seat similarities/differences

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I have been looking for a stock seat for my 2002 SERK, but they don't show up very often. Saw one on the bay just before I bought my bike, but since I wasn't 100% sure I'd buy that exact bike I didn't buy it. And I really like the Corbin Solo seat, so I really have no rush to get one. I have since been reading a lot about bad quality on the original stingray skin, and I guess one reason they don't show up used a lot is that many of the seats are damaged and have been replaced with something else a long time ago. Also, many of the used parts showing up are from salvaged bikes, and often the seat gets damaged in the accident.

So I have been looking at alternatives. And as far as I know, seats from a 2003 or a 2007 SERK should fit on the 2002. Both frame, tank and tank console are identical as far as I know. The 2007 I think has a slightly wider rear fender, but i don't think that should affect the fitment of the seat, or does it?

The seat off a 2003 looks really identical except from the lack of stingray inlays. Instead it has ordinary leather inlays with almost the same shape and some big square studs. I cannot really tell from the pictures if they are exactly the same shape. The seat also lacks the band of black studs around the passenger portion. But if one were to restore a stock seat, would it be just as good to begin with a 2003 seat? I mean if you were to replace the inlays with new stingray material anyhow. Or would it just look funny and wrong?

Another alternative would be the 2007 SERK seat. It has flames that would match the paint really well, but only the passenger part would be suitable for a stingray inlay. But am I correct in assuming this seat will also fit a 2002?

Here's the stock 2002 stingray seat:

2003 seat:

2007 seat:

That narrow "tail" on the dash is what the SERK seat has to match that many other seats don't; or at least don't do well.  Another one that does look good with the SERK seat is any seat for the SEEGs; the 04-05 SE Electra Glides.  A lot of the Road King seats from that frame and tank combination will work ok but the are wider at the nose of the seat.  It looks ok.  You won't notice the difference much unless you had something with a skinnier nose sitting next to it to compare against.

And... yes, the stingray seats are almost never seen.  They were on that bike only as production pieces.  Also in the P&A catalog for a short time.  You're also right that the inserts suffered from coming apart.  So it's very rare to see one anymore; and even more rare to find one in even a decent condition.


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