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Help with modified 2005 CVO Electra Glide rear seat mount

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Hey everyone. New to the group. I have a 2005 CVO Electra Glide with a Milwaukee Baggers stretched bags/rear fender cover kit which was installed when I bought it. It came with a LaPera Solo seat and the suction cup pillion, the latter of which did not make my wife happy over bumps. So I ordered and just received the matching pillion from LaPera. It looks great and hooks up on the front just fine, but the problem I have is that there is no hole at the rear of the mounting bracket, where I'm guessing the normal rear seat mount would be. I assume this was because the previous owner(s) wanted to maintain a clean look when the suction cup seat wasn't being used. Well, new owner (me) wants to permanently install the pillion, so I'm looking for advice on what to do. It appears as though the fender kit is installed over a stock fender (but definitely NOT the original, as it is a completely different color); Is it possible that there is a threaded mount on that "inner" fender, and I just need to drill a hole to access it? I don't want to eff anything up, but I don't want to spend a weekend modifying and fabricating, either. Riding season in Wisco is short enough! All help appreciated!

If the original fender is still under there you should be able to drill a hole to access it but it depends on how tight the aftermarket fender sits to the original on what your next step will be.  If it’s a very tight fit, the previous owner might have removed the hardware. If it sits up slightly over the original fender then you may just have to modify the length of your rear seat bolt to reach down to it. Drilling it in the correct spot is going to be your biggest challenge and for that I have no advice.

Yes on my 04 SEEG (Screamin Eagle Electra Glide) there was a nut that was secured (welded?) to the under side of the fender.  We would put the passenger seat on and insert a short, knurled thumb screw into the hole.

The trick is going to be to identify the location in the aftermarket fender kit overlay.  I've never even heard of that.  But you can removed the rear wheel and drill a small pilot hole from the inside going out.  Be sure to cover that fender overlay kit with blue painters tape and go slow with the drill.  I would start with no larger than 1/8".

Some body may be along here with a better idea.  I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a fender overlay kit.

Good luck!

The original seat attachment part is held in with an e-clip in the original fender.  Not welded in.  If your fender extension is Milwaukee Bagger it's probably the part pictured below or one of the close cousins they offer.

If so I've dealt with one of those.  It was held on with 3M two sided tape.  If yours is the same as what I was the fender extension stands just a little proud of the fender.  The threaded insert in the original fender may or may not still be there.  Even if it is I'd worry the normal seat bolt may not reach.  Don't know for sure but would want to look closely.

If the seat bolt does read and the threaded insert is still in place, as has been mentioned above, you'll have to carefully make a hole that lines up with the original threaded insert.  If the insert is gone you could drill through the original hole (with the tire out of the way) to align the hole but the painted fender extension may make it difficult if not impossible to install the threaded insert normally as you won't be able to get at the hole to snap on the e-clip.

Look for that original hole.  Try to see it.  If it's there and you can take a skinny punch up through the middle of the threaded hole and put a divot in the fender extension.  Or grind a point on the end of a 1/4" bolt and run it up from the bottom side.  Let that point put a little divot in the fender for you.  Find your mark on the top, use a light blunter punch from the top and knock a divot back the other direction, and drill there.

Hopefully you can see and use the original hole in the original fender.  And, hopefully, it's not too much of a pain in the ass to get to. 

Honestly I'd almost hope the threaded insert was gone and I had no original hole to guide me though.  Might be easier to just set the pillion in place, see where its rear bolt hole lines up, make a divot and drill a hole, but drill a hole big enough for a nutsert.  Then just install the nutsert and, voila, threaded hole!

maybe try using a small mechanics mirror on  extendable shaft to see if you can see what you have before removing the rear wheel. just a thought


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