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How do you like em


Hey FXDWGIII owners. I have a '03 SERK, but I have a chance to buy a "02 FXDWGIII for 20k with a bunch of extras, like an extra set of limited painted Harley sheet metal. I have never owned a wide glide. My question to all you screamin eagle wide glide owners, is how do you like them, are you happy with them, and how do they ride? Let me have some feedback. [smiley=nixweiss.gif]

Hey BIKER77,

I have a 2001 WG2 and if something happened to it, I'd buy another one the next day.  Great handling scooter and you can still take it on trips.  I put 11,000 miles on mine in 2003 and plan to do more next year.

Don't be afraid, just get it!

I just went from a superglide sport to the FXDWG3 and love it, much better on the freeway , more relaxed handling and I can ride more miles without fatigue.


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