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New CVO, researching engine upgrade options.

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--- Quote from: newseultra07 on May 12, 2022, 07:49:55 PM ---
Did you use all of the stock header pipe that comes with the kit and the SE Tuner.? How is the Heat of motor. Reason is I have a 2022 CVO RG Limited and been researching doing the 131" on mine. I live in South Texas so its already hot down here in summer...

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Yes to both of those questions. I have not noticed any increase in heat coming out of the motor. But I've only got about 1k on it, and in Washington state the highest temps we've seen since then has been about 65 degrees. There will be a long distance trip in June of 2500 miles to Utah and then west through Nevada (Hwy 50) and back home. It will be two up and with luggage. So I'll be able to answer more after that.

I had an '09 Ultra before this bike. With the 110 engine upgrade and that thing put out the heat. This M8 engine with water cooling is a lot better. A lot!


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