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Hi guys n girls from Australia

I know I’m a bit late to the party I have just bought myself a 1owner and new to me a CVO 2004 Electra Glide! “Orange pearl / black” 27,000miles (44,000km) on it
 I traded in my 10 FatBob Sedona orange for it

A dude here in Australia bought it new in the state’s and then toured the USA For a few months then imported back to Australia when he returned (I’m led to believe they were not for export to Australia at the time by Harley?)

I’m loving it the bike is in such a good condition I’m getting asked at traffic lights etc is this a new Harley or what year etc its gotta be the best colour combo Harley has made !!

Welcome from the Heart of Dixie and congratulations on the new ride.  Glad to see another Pumpkin owner join the site!  There is tons on information about these bikes here on the site and with all the knowledge from current and former SEEG owners, you’re not likely to run across anything that hasn’t been covered or we can’t help you with.

As a gift to you for joining and the purchase of your new bike, if you will message me your email address I will send you the service manual (including the SEEG supplement) in pdf.  It’s rather large and will take a few emails to get the entire manual.

Btw, you’re bike looks to be in great shape and mostly stock (truly a rare find for a 17 year old motorcycle)

congrats on the 'pumpkin' !!!  Looks to be bone stock except for maybe the taller windscreen.  Enjoy one ofthe best of the best CVO's.  :pumpkin: har!  spyder

Congrats on getting the best looking CVO ever made. Ok... I'm biased. :D

Ride Safe,

Congrats on the pumpkin SEEG.  The SEEGs are a great bike.  Once you get the conversion to right hand drive taken care of there is one more thing worth considering.  The engine you've got is a great piece.  Reliable and strong with no significant weak points in their history; except the cam tensioners.  You're in the mileage range it's worth swapping them out.  While in that far do cam shoes, inner cam bearings and (maybe) lifters.  It would suck to trash an engine due to worn out cam shoes.


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