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Original Pistons New Rings Break In


Well, I finally received Cometic 4.125" Head and Cylinder Base gaskets for S&S V124 motor top end.
I have the S&S Rocker Box gaskets too. New S&S rings.
   I believe a 500 mile break in on the rings is required
Change oil like a new complete motor break in as far as varying the rpm, no loads, no racing and oil changes at 50, 100 and 500 miles? I trust the info I get from ya'll. So much misinformation online.
My S&S front head gasket this time Cometic.
Thanks Guys

I don't think you need to change the oil until the 500 miles is up, especially with only rings and not a new engine.  Otherwise, it sounds like you've got it right- take it easy, no high rpm, no hard acceleration but goose it a little so you build some cylinder pressure to seat the rings, vary speed, no sustained highway runs.
Looking at what Joe Minton says about seating rings- Start it up and go, don't let it idle, use short periods of full throttle- three to five seconds followed by closed throttle coasting twice as long, six to ten seconds to let it cool down.  Do it ten times and the rings are seated.  He says it always worked for him.
I know this answer is too late, but thought I'd put it out there anyway.


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