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New Handlebars and the never-ending rabbit hole

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Tore my bicep in early June, had surgery and Doc said no riding for 3 months.  Finally healed up enough to turn a wrench so I figured it would be a good time to upgrade the old SEEG. 

Front tire had a very strange wear pattern so, at Michelin's request, I took it to cycle gear and got a new MCIII (I'll report back on any vibrations once I get on the road) for the cost of mounting $25!  Might as well replace bearings while the wheel is off so ordered new bearings and bearing puller/installation tools;

I thought while I'm at it, might as well put the LA Choppers 10" Twin Peaks on.  Ditched the 2 piece clamps in favor of a 1-piece with allen set screws. Can't put new bars on without new bushings right? Ordered Drag Specialties Poly Bushings.  Bars are on and look great, so much more comfortable than stock.  I was prepared for the internal wiring to be aggravating but it only took me about 10 minutes to get them through and re-pinned.  I was able to use stock throttle cables, wiring, and hydraulic cables with some minor re-routing.  Brake line isn't banjo-string tight but definitely could not go with bars any higher;

I have the Streetglide fairing mirrors which are completely blocked by my paws with the new bars, luckily I still had the stock handlebar mirrors but had to plug the holes in the fairing so off to lowes for push-plugs (got 1" which covers both holes, painted them gloss black to match the fairing, and pulled them up tight with a nut on the back of the plug.  They look better than any other plugs I could find online and cost me less than $1);

While I've got the fairing rolled forward and I can easily torque the fork caps, might as well change the fork oil so ordered Bel-Ray 10W, and new fork cap seals.  It's hard to torque the phillips-head fork drain bolts so ordered new allen-head fork drain bolts and washers;

I'm not quite finished yet (family obligations have pulled me away several times) but everything has gone pretty smooth.  All total I'm in the rabbit hole for less than $400, not bad considering it would have probably been over $1,500 at H-D.

I'll post up some pics when I get her all buttoned up.

Homemade fairing plugs:

U have been busy!!!  Can't wait to see the pics....Being that I can't fig out how to do

It’s not hard just lots of steps which takes a long time.  My OCD wouldn’t allow me to move to the next step without rechecking the step I just did.  Should have it finished tomorrow.

Got it finished yesterday and took it for a hot lap today, bars feel great, no vibration with Michelin Commander III, forks feel firm but absorb bumps very well.


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