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2005 FLHTCSE2 Two-Tone Teal Paint Codes Needed

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I've looked at much paint code information on the site but couldn't find any mention of "candy teal green" or "candy teal blue." Also, does anyone know if all silvers are the same or are there variations. I also have a stripe color that looks like turquoise.

I found this

The PDF linked in the prior post is great for finding many many many paint codes that were difficult to find (especially all on one place) otherwise.  Unfortunately it doesn't help for the paint codes that were CVO only.  A few paint were used on CVO and other bikes; older models.  But later when the CVO paints were also CVO only no more joy.

There is a number you'll see for the 2005 teal paint color.  That's just a part number used to order the little bottle of touch up paint.  Nothing you use to mix a color with though.

Some of the colors have been found.  The 2005 reds and the pumpkins have been found and used.  Teal may have also but I don't recall it.  Also didn't find it in a search of the site. 

Back in  the day wish I had had the code for Dragonfly Green

So these codes are just touch up codes?


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