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Hi All
   Thanks for the sheet
i just did the se 462 on my 22cvo limited
had it at Daytona and all i can say is wow what a big difference  from my 18 cvo 117

i had the 462 se cam   fullsac exhaust hd sert  tab 4.5 with 2.5 baffles
at highway speed and twist the throttle it rips  as i say lol this dog hunts
no problem passing on the highway 2 up and will run to a 100 no problem  :bananarock: :bananarock:
jon jr

Getting ready to do it on my 2021 bronze armor, parts ordered. I have this cam on my RGS and really enjoy how that bike runs. Little more complicated install on my cvo since I want to reuse the bronze/copper pushrod covers. They have to take the top end off to take them off intact, I have a great tech that worked on my bikes or the past 20 years so I know it will be done right..


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